2019 Events


Dealing with Debt


A 90 minute presentation to empower you in your debt relationships. Designed for business owners with a $1m to $10m exposure, providing a focus on solutions, opportunities, strategies and tools.


Auckland and Tauranga


Auckland 4:30pm to 6:00pm Tuesday 24 September

Tauranga 4:30pm to 6:00pm Thursday 26 September

Removing Redundant Entities in your Structure


A series of three 90 minute hour webinars considering tax, legal, commercial and management implications of each option available to remove entities when you de construct some or all of a structure.

A collaboration with Julie Segedin www.jstax.co.nz




22 August, 19 September and 24 October

Management Buyouts


A 90 minute presentation over viewing management buyout and leadership succession transactions from each of the owner and manager perspectives.


Auckland and Tauranga


Auckland 4:30pm to 6:00pm Tuesday 29 October

Tauranga 4:30pm to 6:00pm Thursday 31 October

Recent Events


Dealing with debt Half Day Workshops


An interactive and case study style presentation for business owners who are borrowers and their advisors covering strategies to deal with debt, debt providers, debt opportunities and debt problems.


- Debt structure pitfalls and solutions
- Risk, risk silos and risk management
- When debt becomes a problem, options and solutions
- What to ask for 
- When, why and how to change banks 


The future of giving advice

A new definition of relevance (presentation to CAANZ Tauranga).



The anatonmy of a management buyout

Demographics would tell us there is a clamor of baby boomers looking to exit their business, and the question often pondered is how.


The blockchain paradigm shift

Blockchain technology is a phrase now in common use. Easy to recognise, hard to understand. In essence it provides for storage of data but in a manner that the database is not centralised to any one point. It is distributed. It is also mutable. That means it cannot be tampered with once written to the blockchain.


The Paramount Trust

There is much written about the costs and benefits of a Trust – be it a simple family trust to own your family home or a trust that is at the top of the tree of a business structure. Current thinking might include the following benefits, with associated costs and risk.