Anthony Harris

Anthony has a clear picture of the future - he sees our spiritual blindness as reversing in a flood of spiritual awakening in God and Spiritual Law. The existing fundamental paradigms of the world are untenable.  Status quo is no shelter.

These fundamental tenets permeate his consulting and speaking.

Anthony has wide commercial experience including;

  • governance

  • business ownership

  • advisory

  • insolvency and reconstruction

  • corporate

  • academia

He has previously presented to various audiences on topics both inside and outside the box, ranging from the relevance of professions to debt, business reorganisation, business structures and risk, risk management tools, and foreign exchange.

Anthony is a Partner in Harris Lathan Limited, and separately undertakes his own consulting activities.

Specific experience has included:


  • Conceiving, structuring and executing management buyouts

  • Legal and tax structuring, deal financing, due diligence and getting the deal done

  • Share valuation

  • Relationship property share valuation and structure analysis

  • Evaluation or execution of numerous acquisition or divestment transactions

  • New venture business cases

  • Determination and execution of exit strategies

  • Shareholder dispute facilitation or mediation

  • Establishing and maintaining structures including corporate trustee and accounting services

Restructuring and Turnaround

  • Restructuring and turnarounds

  • Appraisals of insolvency or problem induced solution options

  • Experienced insolvency practitioner

Corporate Governance

  • Chairman Auckland Stevedoring Co Limited (1991 to 1997)

  • Chairman Union Chemicals Limited (1992 – 1997)

  • Chairman Reef Group Limited (1996 – 1998)

  • Chairman TerraCare Limited (1999 – 2006)

  • Director Sentra Printing Company Limited (2007 – 2009)

  • Chairman Waipamu Station Limited (2014 – 2015)

  • Director CS Holdings Limited (2019 - ongoing)